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In 2021, we use social distancing in our in-person meetings. Zoom meetings are now alive! You can sign up at Meetups to see and register for any in-person and upcoming zoom activity here. Or, you can always just send an email requesting the zoom link for a specific presentation via

Our gatherings and your participation is free, though we do accept donations.

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Currently, we’re meeting at the downtown Prescott Library.

The Institute of Noetic Science Northern AZ Community Group

IONS was founded by Edgar Mitchell of the Apollo 14 moon venture in the 1970s after he experienced a Samadhi while viewing the earth, moon, and sun. The main headquarters is in Petaluma, CA. A great way to understand our purpose is to visit headquarters at


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If Everything is Connected, Where Does that Leave You?

Just how much are you conscious of? You have some memory, perhaps a bit of it faulty. You have five physical senses, in a potentially unlimited array of senses, and not all of your five are engaged at the same time. You may have experienced mental dimensions and abstract thought that carried you beyond the mundane into life-changing perspectives. But even those can take a while to internalize, to integrate into your life. If you want to live life solely on the material plane, finding answers to deep questions of existence probably won’t matter. But if you want to explore, or feel compelled to understand the dimensions of our glorious existence, IONS may be able to assist.

Scientists at IONS headquarters offer participation in scientifically evaluated experiments in various modes of existence. We, here in Arizona, offer a peek at some aspects that connect life to this world. How does your understanding of Ethics play into your advancement as a spiritual being? How do those niggling little bad thoughts remove you from higher consciousness and splendor? How do you improve, really? What does it all mean?

Join with us as we tackle questions one at a time through investigating the paranormal, expanding consciousness, various phenomena, dimensional shifts and more unusual things that happen so frequently they might be normal after all. We look at consciousness of the mind and how it impacts the balance and harmony of our planet. We explore the paranormal and attempt contact with beings who have left their bodies and the earth plane. We explore near death experiences and UFOs. If it’s a mystery of life, we go there.

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