What is Noetic Science?

no·et·ic/nōˈedik/adjective FORMAL

relating to mental activity or the intellect.

"the noetic quality of a mystical experience refers to the sense of revelation"

noun: science

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

"the world of science and technology"

IONS Northern AZ Community is a non-funded group of individuals residing in Northern Arizona who, in 2021, have been meeting for decades. We meet to explore various facets of consciousness as it manifests in existence, and to create community. IONS Northern AZ Community is affiliated with the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) by shared interests and goals. We encourage our participants to become members of IONS at www.noetic.org and participate in their experiments and meetings.

Our community requires no dues and there is no formal joining. All are welcome at our meetings.

IONS Northern AZ Welcomes You

We welcome all who are interested in exploring consciousness, eager to learn new ways of viewing existence, or are curious about experiences they’ve had that they cannot define.

We meet once a month at the Prescott AZ downtown library and once a month on zoom.

Check the library schedule for accurate in-person meeting times and meetups for our zoom meetings.

The IONS Northern AZ Operational Team

Coordinator/Facilitator: Iolanthe Phoebus
Zoom co-host: Judy Strickland
Backup In-Person Facilitator: Sue Wilkes
Greeter & Tech: Joel Laws
Greeter & Room Assistant: Geo Flood

Friends & Sponsors*

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Explore New Old Truths with Us

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