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If you study the Western Qabalah (or Kabbalah if you’re inclined more toward Jewish mysticism), you’ll learn that there are four worlds on the Tree of Life and these directly relate to the person’s consciousness of existence.

  1. The topmost world consists of purely spiritual concepts.

  2. The second “highest” world consists of soul consciousness.

  3. The third down level, where, it is said, most humans reside, is the level of ego and worldly consciousness.

  4. The bottom level is the level of the world of matter.

There are worlds beneath that one, but we’ll not delve into them now.

Each of the main four worlds has a correlation with the person’s consciousness and focus.

  1. A person who concerns him or herself with the functioning of the world, and who is highly motivated to care for and take from the world in some manner, would be very much on the earth plane of existence. He is a demonstration of natural law, but is not cognizant of being so. He is reactive to situations, life events, and sees things mainly in terms of his own survival. His consciousness is focused on survival of the body as the other, higher realms have not yet become apparent to him. Think “cave-human.”

  1. A person in the world of humans, the egoic world, has spent a lifetime defining and perfecting his/her ego. The Personality. This being has bought into a definition of mind that suits, and, like the fourth level, is concerned primarily with survival—only this time of the ego and physical possessions instead of just the body. If the person is a thinker, s/he believes all is mind and there’s nothing beyond that. S/he fashions a world and belief system around her that endorses “normalcy” of being human and operating in the world of human-made contrivances. Consciousness is focused on her own needs and the needs of those s/he cares about, from a very human perspective. This level contains a lot of suffering as the person fails to attain goals, or she experiences the pain of others as their struggles are witnessed. This individual has not yet had a mystical experience that opens to the soul plane. S/he may care strongly about the earth plane, the environment, animals, and others, but suffers because of being caught in a world of cause and effect.

  1. The next level, the soul plane, occurs when a person has been introduced through a mystical experience to what is sometimes called cosmic consciousness, nirvana, or Christ consciousness. The person recognizes not being a body, but a being independent of a body who has been gifted a body to use in this lifetime. This state of being may be reached or briefly glimpsed through things like meditation, practicing the eight-fold path (for lifetimes), reaching an understanding with practiced koans (Satori), DMT or psychedelics. At this level, the egoic nature of a person dissolves and all of creation is embraced with high affinity. Abilities include seeing beyond to realms unimaginable by those on the lower planes of existence and experiencing a lot of compassion and love for those around. This being is love. This being can clearly see cause and effect, as those occur on the levels below. Conceptual understanding of all is within grasp—not on a book level, but an intuitive, clear thought level—is normal here. This person is focused on higher principles, what’s good for all, cares about others and doesn’t put an egoic self before others. S/he’s beneficent, sane, kind, and principled. His/her sense of ethics is impeccable. This person, when still with a body, may be a healer or someone whose very presence uplifts others. He or she may or may not be a teacher, because, due to being humble, s/he may not feel the need.

  1. The next level, the spiritual plane, is where many who strive to be gurus claim to be (and have failed to be by reason of restructuring an ego which brings them back down). At this level, one can reach and operate with creation from non-created substance. This level positions one to know reality from an infinite perspective. This level is sometimes only reached after a person’s physical body dies, or sometimes can be reached conceptually while meditating. Operating in this world from this level of consciousness may or may not be possible. Perhaps some of the revered mystics and prophets have operated from this level and still been able to relate to those beneath them on the tree.

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