The Oversoul of Heart and Mind

by Iolanthe Phoebus

When your passions are keeping you up at night; when you can’t sleep or stop obsessing about a man or woman you met; when your work, which drives you, keeps offering you solutions in your dreams, you probably have baggy eyes.

The fire of the Heart is an amazing thing. It drives us to do great things, foolish things, wild things. It tells us to abandon the “sane” things. It’s like a perpetual child who wants, wants, wants the object of its desire. And your mind is the perpetual parent who wants to restrict it. This battle of wills is a condition of being human—you know, that condition for which you weren’t provided an instruction manual.

So we learn from others how to overcome these normal, human difficulties. How to be better. There’s never just one way, but only the way that works for us is useful to us. It may take a lot of exploring to determine how to overcome these issues and gain control of your heart and mind, but once you find a way that works for you, life is much easier.

In Hermetics, we learn that ALL in the universe is Mind. This is true in the universe. But there are concepts outside of the material and social planes that can lift you above mind, above heart, to where you can see clearly. This is the realm of BE-ing.

To reach this place, many people try meditation. If you are able to sit still, quietly, you may see thoughts in the form of images pass by. You may feel sensations in your body. You may experience thoughts connected to emotions and notice they lodge or originate in your body. You may look at them dispassionately—like watching waves on the ocean come and go.

Then one day, you realize that though you have thoughts, you are not your thoughts. You realize that though you have emotions, you are not the emotions. You realize that though you have a body, you are not a body. At this point, you become conscious of being you. Just you. You become aware of being aware. In this state, you lift above your heart and mind. Neither controls you. You can choose to relate to the thought or emotion or not. They are just components of your existence.

In this state, you may or may not feel a great affinity for all of existence, and you may realize how small, how limited the love you felt before really was.

The next step is to become aware of being with universal consciousness.

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