Depression and the Energy Body

by Bill Johnson

When I was young, until my early twenties, I suffered cycles of a black depression.

I decided to practice yoga, including bellows breathing. I developed a routine of doing bellows breathing three to four hours a day.

I discovered I was on an eleven week cycle. At the high end of the cycle, with each bellows breath, a pathway in my energy body would experience an increase in the energy flow.

What I discovered was that my energy body - head/spine/limbs - was severely restricted. But over several weeks of the high end of my cycle, followed by what I called semi-highs, doing the bellows breathing would pick up the energy flow in a particular part of my body, the arms, legs, chest, back, head, or trunk.

Opening up these restrictions would cause the muscle in that body part to jump, unwind, and release tension.

Over the course of the year I opened up the restrictions in the energy flow all over my body and head.

When I did that, my black depression lifted. The restrictions caused my depression.

I discovered my patterns of thought created subtle patterns in the energy flow in my body, which fused with my muscles. It created a feedback loop, and why it took so much effort to lift the restrictions. My thoughts re-created the restrictions in energy flow again.

And since the energy body was a reflection of my thoughts, my thoughts had a way of fusing into the muscles, holding thought patterns in place.

The interaction of thoughts/mental landscape, energy body, and physical body were part of what made me who I was and maintained my personality.

I've used this understanding I gained about my energy body to better understand my life. For example, at the low end of my cycle I'll get a massage, eat a nice meal, and go to a movie.

Understanding how my energy body and mind work together has also given me a deeper insight into my creativity and how it connects to the universe.

In retrospect, I now see my doing bellows breathing as coming to and opening a door most people would pass on by, and it changed my life.

Bill Johnson is author of

A Story is a Promise & The Spirit of Storytelling, a writing workbook available on Amazon. He has taught writing workshops around the United States and is also a produced playwright.

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