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I’m not talking about the physiological and mathematical aspect of consciousness, though there is an intriguing Roger Penrose youtube video about that here.

This brief article addresses the idea that you can be conscious without a brain. The scientific aspect and focus that you are only a meat body with a bunch of stimulating neurons, and cannot sustain consciousness without a bunch of chemicals and (undefinable) life-source (along with a missing quantum physics “new” mathematics), isn’t the subject of this imaginary look into what happens when you are aware.

So where is consciousness coming from?

I’m talking conceptually. Where is your consciousness coming from?

When you say “I’m conscious of that,” you’re talking about four things: 1) You; 2) Your awareness , and 3) Your perception; and 4) an Object.

You’d say “I’m [referring to a sense of self] conscious [aware in this moment] that the coffee [object] is hot [your perception from your limited paradigm].

Nice how that fits right into the construction of English sentences, huh.

I’m [sense of self] conscious [awareness or belief] that we must treat our planet with care [study of object] or we’ll lose it [loss is your imagined perception of the object’s state of being]. This consciousness is based on more abstract ideas and logical assumptions that go to your metaphysics of being.

So let’s take away two parts of the equation of consciousness: the object and the perception. The object is the “other” and the perception is your accepted “history” of the other.

I’m aware.

So you close your eyes. As soon as you do this, you lose the view of objects, but you can still hear them. So, you sit in a sound proofed room, but your skin sensors pick up the weight of the walls around you. So, you position yourself floating in space with no light, no sound: you’re in a sensory deprivation chamber. You can’t even taste the air. Without light, there is no seeing, and nothing to see anyway.

I’m aware.

Two things. Not four.

You see mental pictures floating around. Ghost physical perceptions. Anything to create an object. You keep reaching for there to be an object, but there’s nothing. So finally, you make yourself become the object. I’m aware of me. Then, I’m aware of me being aware. Kind of a biofeedback loop.

You could be there a minute, hour, century, and after your mind stills, quits looking for an object, there is nothing left. Is this the Nirvana of which the monks speak (or don’t) ?

If you go to sleep, you lose the aware part of it, but there’s still you. Just being. You’re not taking up space or time. You’re potential something without definition, will, or awareness. Until you develop awareness, you can’t develop will.

But what happens if you lose consciousness of you and just have the awareness part. The consciousness part? Since there’s no other entity with which to define yourself, you’ve simply become a potential of perceptual awareness drifting in an endless void, which doesn’t exist because that would be an object.

The main feature of becoming awareness alone is that you are seeking reception of an object. Awareness without an object to be aware of is like a seed with no nurturing substrate. Awareness is only half of something, but means nothing outside of context.

So there is craving, from nothing, for there to be something that fills the craving. And to do this, you must project, imagine, that the something exists which will fulfill your desire. Then you will it into being.


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