Just Because You Have a Heart,

Doesn’t Mean You Should Lose Your Mind

by Iolanthe Phoebus

You’ve heard it said before: Just follow your heart. The implied romantic promise is through following your heart alone, you will find bliss—and some believe, money (“do what you love and the money will follow”). And the path of following your heart may just lead there…for a time. Ignore your bills, ignore your responsibilities, ignore the mind reminding you it’s your friend’s birthday and you should call her, and ultimately, the universe will bite you.

Why? Because you’re a composite being: body, mind, heart, soul. Earth, air, water, fire. Just as you cannot become whole without dealing with your shadow side, you cannot skip across the surface of life, playing in the sun, forever. There is work to be done here, and it is the most rewarding you’ll ever encounter. It’s your Great Work.

In a nut shell, seek the balance of heart and mind; seek the middle way. It’s evident in everything you do, nature nudging you to Balance. You may be a brilliant mathematician, but ignore your friends and family and you’ll be isolated. Give all your attention to feeling good, to seeking only those things and people who please you, and you’ll lose track of how to resolve issues that arise over which you have no control.

All is love. Love and integrate your mind. Find the balance.

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