Panpsychism: The Consciousness of All

The Consciousness of Everything

It seems humans are prone to anthropomorphizing expressions of life, therefore a rock must not be alive. Right? It doesn’t speak, and humans do; it doesn’t think in the manner humans do; it doesn’t emote in the way humans do; it’s goals and purposes are—well—only what we, the humans, choose them to be. Right?

But a growing number of scientists are working on old new theories, stemming from the 1700s, of panpsychism; that is, all-soul, or the theory that everything contains consciousness. This concept was recently explored in Salon article written by Matthew Rozsa. His article examines recent breakthroughs in the consciousness and sociality of mitochondria and can be found here.

The rock has a built-in intelligence that forces it’s molecules to cohere and not be drawn into another, nearby rock. If one looks at a big picture, the rock’s purpose in a particular landscape can be determined, whether it is to lend to the aesthetic value to an artist or to hold minerals until they require being released for consumption by nearby lifeforms. There is an innate, linked intelligence that permeates all life and assists with the survival of each living, and allegedly non-living thing. So whether the rock’s consciousness is non-existent and its purposeful function is just happenstance, or its consciousness is something so alien to the human way of thinking it can’t be known with our current, under-developed understanding of consciousness. So we keep researching.

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