Poetry & Photography by C.L. Lynne

Poetry C.L. Lynne


A shroud of confined uncertainty,
Kaleidoscopic thoughts ensue
Pondering a myriad of outcome
Unknowingness—all so new

Discomfort, unease abounding
Continues to permeate through
Results are without clarity—
Aftermath hidden from view

Answers not here at the present
Not knowing of when or just how,
Focus on process—continue
Much is on hold for now.



Taking to flight now

Escape a harrowing haze

Must find the clearing

Which may not even appear

Remain in flight this moment



Nearing the edge here
Reflection with muse
Vow to not fall
Hold back with restraint

Knowing this moment
where one may commune
Shifting of focus
View external peace

Mountain horizon
Clouds scattered above
A scene to unfold

The brink now a mist
Diversion exists
Away from the edge
Renewal is Here.


When Spirit speaks
It’s truth at work
Through head and heart
through every quirk

When Spirit speaks
I look around
I touch the earth
heed every sound

When Spirit speaks
it’s time to cease
break momentum
take on Peace

A time to silence
vacate at will
open portals
Now be still

A time to feel
Respond in Light
Stay there through all
Embrace, keep sight

When Spirit speaks
Through all the glisten
Follow truth
Be Quiet—Listen.



It is only when
One Embraces the years
that the essence of youth
May be fully Realized

C.L. Lynne, poet and photographer--has also been nationally and internationally published (as Carol Levin) for three decades as a health journalist and short fiction writer for youth. She is based in Prescott, has meandered the Southwest and is originally from New Jersey. Carol highly values input and awareness received from other realms of existence.

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