Poet Laurie Katon


“Push yourself”, my teacher says

not a gentle process

3:10 am – my mind flops
like a fish on a dock;

resignation, like a seagull cry,
pierces the fog

I am stranded, waiting
for a chance tide to
break through

Push yourself

I don’t remember my birth
but I’ve been told
it was induced -
my mother sedated, I
pulled from her by forceps,
imprinted with fear –

Push your self

From microscopic membranes
to rough hairy hides,
each creature guards
its skin as its life

I seek a way out
through a childish pastime,
blowing bubbles:

some cease with a glistening pop,
others whirl their thin film till,
permeable, they merge
with the sky


Blessed are the sleepers,
for they release
soft selves
into the

Blessed are the dreamers,
for they retrieve
night’s dark
wet leaves

Blessed are the wakers,
for they return
to light’s sweet



We poem-makers and we poem-
embracers open words,
and explore the richness
they hold.

We revel in their sounds,
contemplate their meanings,
wonder in the midst of
the images they evoke.

For those who are shut out,
for those who are locked in,
we wield words
that open spaces,
places to gather together.

We open with words-
we begin, and we expand.

Words shine into our minds,
igniting us with insight.

Words flow into our hearts,
imbuing us with love.




these are Opening Words.


in this world of embodiment, nothing is untouched

the rain pours into field and lake alike
the chill air soaks rough stone and fern
untold millions of yearning hands
feel the shapes of beings
clothed or bare

in this world of rhythms, nothing is unmoved

the sea surge, the snail slide,
those who sway, gallop or swoop
so too do our machines move
and pulse, energy riding
the electric paths of our designing

in this world that engulfs all is mingled

creatures partake of others,
nourished by bodies of fruit
or flesh, in a procession
of intimate encounters

in this world of fire, air, water and clay,
all lies between us

by breath inflamed,
each flows into each
dark substance and inner glow

And so we move and move
in sensuous celebration,
our minds blind,
our bodies reaching towards this
one dazzling metaphor

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