The Consciousness Beyond

by Staff Writer

What are you looking for when you search for a consciousness beyond your own? What is consciousness?

Let’s step through this on a subjective level.

What do you see when you look at a wooden chair? A wooden chair? Then you’re looking at it incorrectly.

If you see a shape, a color of the shape, in a position in a space, that’s more the chair. The chair doesn’t become the chair until you add thought and history to it. You’ve seen chairs your entire life and know they are to sit a human body in—there’s the history. You have added thought: 1) It’s something for a human to use; 2) It was built by another human or machine; 3) It’s made from a known or unknown substance; 4) It is not alive.

You may have other thoughts about the chair, which deepen your understanding of it’s purpose in the worldly paradigm, but the fact remains: The chair doesn’t properly become a chair until you’ve added thought.

Now let’s see what happens when you look for consciousness.

What do you see when you look into the eyes of a lifeform? How do you know when someone is looking back or merely has their eyes turned in your direction? How do you know when a person is awake and listening or simply staring at you wishing they could leave? What is that undefinable element that denotes consciousness?

Because consciousness appears indefinable, it’s difficult to write about. It takes your own consciousness to recognize consciousness in another. Perhaps it’s a connection between two beings without adding thought. In fact, a person doesn’t seem to be fully conscious until thought is removed—so it may be the opposite of an object. There’s something we can work with: Consciousness is devoid of thought but contains awareness. It’s alive.

Look into the eyes of a baby as it watches you. It’s not thinking just yet—you’re just a blob of motion to it. When you focus on it, engage it to activity with tickles or coos, and it recognizes you are engaging it, it becomes joyful. Are we all predisposed to recognize when someone is focused on us? To respond with joy?

What do you see when you search for God? An image of Jesus? Ganesha? Buddha? Muhammed? If it’s an image, it isn’t the thing—because images are thought. Are you more scientific and looking for an energy, which in your mind’s eye becomes an image of energy? Then that’s not the thing. If you presuppose that a god is or has consciousness, what you need to look for—without thought, without history, without preconceived notion—is a consciousness. Look for God in the same way you look for consciousness in the eyes of a loved one.

You may perceive it looking back.

You may respond with joy.

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